Saturday, June 02, 2007

What is "Enlightenment" ?

The discussion will cover:
1) Why do swamis / yogis meditate ?
2) What is enlightenment?

Now lets take the first question? Have you ever given heed to find out why meditate ? Why swamis meditate ? If not , then think over it now.

"ideas". Yes, its for ideas. Now you will agree that ideas come from no where to your mind and it will be so unique and new that you will be astonished. Its the ideas, that helped in the inventions of so many things, its ideas that help you figure out what to do next , it will tell you how to solve the trouble you have been, or simply to guide you for what to do the next moment.
Now you can't force upon yourself ideas.Its not under your control. Its only when you sit idle, lacking physical activity or with some concentration that you feel ideas coming flowing to you.

And to understand the intricacies of life , the ideas you will be attracting or this thought process can happen only when you go for long meditation , the state of physical inactivity and concentration . This explains why swamis/yogis meditate.

The second question, I guess you might have some clue after reading the answer to the previous question.If not, then read it again and meditate a while.

Enlightment is nothing but knowing these intricacies of life.Enlightment is knowing that we are all mortal,ephemeral so why to be carried away by the materialistic attraction around us.So live a true and simple life , enjoy the happiness and spread peace and love.

This generation of ideas is what separate humans from present-day robots.


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